Sharon Otis, owner of Bradenton’s Family Care Counseling Center for the past 26 years, has been named to International and U.S. Who’s Who societies. The societies lists successful individuals among their peers and to provide a forum for networking, reference and self promotion.

“They chose me because of my history in the field of child psychology,” Otis said.

Otis, who holds doctorates in theology and psychology, also is serving an appointment by Gov. Jeb Bush to the 941 Licensing Board of Mental Health Counseling.

Recently Manatee County Commissioner Pat Glass appointed Otis to the county’s Senior Advisory Board.
“I just have a lot of energy because I have ADD myself,” Otis said. “The good news is that when you get older with ADD you have more energy than others.”

The awards and distinctions are nice, but Otis said she is most proud of her children.

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